Mpanga Kipengere Mountain / Matema Beach Lake Nyasa

Kipengere Mountain Range is a volcanic ranges located southwest highlands of Tanzania at northern end of Lake Nyasa and Matema beach close to Malawi border. Kipengere mountains range runs south east being a part of eastern rift valley escarpment reaching Mozambique. The north western end is Poroto Mountains also named Kinga Mountains range extending to east coast of Lake Nyasa.

The Kipengere range is formed on the side of lake by a zone of gneiss running in series of ridges and valleys parallel to its axis. From Kipengere peak you clearly observe Lake Nyasa and Matema beach. Matema beach is popular tourist’s destination in Mbeya region with sandy beaches along lake shores and other activity as fishing recreation.

Mpanga Kipengere Game Reserve

Mpanga kipengere game reserve situated northern side of Livingstone Mountains. Reserve cover an area of approximately 1,574sq km at altitude of 1,800 to 2,300m above sea level.
The reserve is the important source of rivers as Mbarali, Mlomboji, Kimani and Ipera which drain northwards and also joins together forming great ruaha river which drains into Usangu wetlands.
Endowed with unique montane forest covering the reserve area is rich in flora and fauna. Apart from mammals inhabited the area also there is large number of birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and tree species.

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