Travel Information Uganda

Travel information Uganda for travelers to Uganda the Matoke land country for safety, healthy and superb gorillas tracking Uganda.

Visas and Passport
Visas are needed to visit Uganda. You can get one before you leave, or they are obtainable on arrival at Entebbe International Airport. Visas cost US 50USD.

Health and Precautions
Health insurance is a must when travel in East Africa. Yellow Fever immunization is mandatory for entry into the country. We also strongly recommend that all visitors take malaria prophylaxis and carry repellent with them. Mosquitoes are rarely bad but malaria is simply not worth it. Please check with your health provider about any other recommended vaccinations.

The official language spoken in Uganda is English, but locally Swahili and Luganda are the most commonly used Languages especially in the town centers. Other languages like Luo, Lugishu, Lunyakitara, Lusoga to mention but a few are also spoken by the natives.

Ugandan Shilling but often things are quoted in US Dollars. Currently one US Dollar is worth approximately 2,500 Shillings. Credit Cards are rarely accepted, and upcountry it is advisable to carry Shillings in smaller denominations. There are numerous forex bureaus in the main towns.

Please note: The Ugandan shilling is the prevailing currency in the country however US dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling are also acceptable at different forex bureaus in most large towns. Credit Cards are rarely accepted, but you may obtain local currency from ATMs and credit cards may be used at selected ATMs.

Weather and Climate
Uganda climate is pretty perfect. The nights are cool but rarely cold. A fleece, pashmina or light jumper is all that is needed. The days hover around 25 -28 degrees Celcius. With our position on the equator and at altitude the sun can be strong so sunscreen and hats are highly recommended.

Rainy season comes twice a year: April to May and again October, November to December. But the sun still shines during the rains and the rain still falls during the dry. The wettest month is probably November, the hottest and driest in usually February.

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