Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

mgahinga gorilla ugandaMgahinga Gorilla National Park is the smallest park in Uganda located southern western corner of Uganda. The park is part of Virunga Conservation Area with large variety of wildlife include endangered mountain gorillas. Mgahinga shares boundaries with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Both countries established national parks to protect the forest watersheds and wildlife of the Virunga.

Mgahinga located 510km from Kampala comprised three volcanic mountains as Mount Muhavura 4127m, Gahinga 3475m and Sabyinyo 3645m. Gahinga is the lowest of these mountains and were the park name derived. The northeastern part of Virunga range considered extinct but the two western volcanoes in Congo are active and normally erupt every two years.

Vegetation of Mgahinga is afro montane with a forest belt of bamboo zone, ericaceous belt and alpine zone. The park support varieties of animal species include gorilla, golden monkey, buffalo, elephant, leopard, cat species and over 180 species of birds as bar tailed trogon and francolin. Over 120 mountain gorillas, golden monkey found in this alpine jungle of Mgahinga sector of Virunga Conservation Area.

Gorilla tracking is the top activity within Mgahinga with other exciting half day hikes and full day climb to summit of Muhavura, Gahinga peak or to breathtaking Sabyinyo Gorge. The charming golden monkey is only found here in Mgahinga, with its cheeky mannerisms and huge appetite for bamboo. Tracking golden monkeys is another way to fully immense yourself in this alpine jungle.

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