Thrilling Wildebeest Migration

A thrilling wildebeest migration safari on earth surface involving thousands of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles from southern Serengeti plains moving Northern Serengeti to reach Masai Mara through crossing Mara River infested by Nile crocodiles each year searching green pasture and freshwater.

Wildebeest prefers most the southern plains of Serengeti (Ndutu Plains) nestled between Serengeti and Ngorongoro for calving due to abundance of short grasses rich in mineral nutrients, before migrating to western corridor of Serengeti after exhausting southern plains resources. Upon reaching western corridor the migration starts to cross the Grumeti River home to Giant Nile Crocodiles heading further north to approach Mara River located along borders of Tanzania and Kenya.

During river crossing thousands of wildebeest lost lives due to various calamities while others being attacked by Crocodiles. After reaching Masai Mara the wildebeest spend short time before returning back to southern plains of Serengeti for calving.

During December wildebeest herds begins to arrive in southern plains of Serengeti (Ndutu). For better chance and opportunity for viewing and experiencing wildebeest migration is within Tanzania but also combination of both countries Tanzania and Kenya is possible for more experience of viewing wildebeest migration.

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